• Universal Baby Tracker Login Page

    Universal Baby Tracker

    As smartphones become more common in countries using different languages, I used principles of advanced iconography, color-assisted recall, and predictive analysis to create a prototype for new parents to track their infant child’s health and growth. The goal is to show reassuring information and prioritized alerts with easy customization or automatic settings that let the app do the hard work with data and trends. Role: Project Manager/Cultural Consultant/User Experience Designer

  • Fitness Assistant Home Screen

    Fitness Assistant

    Toptal Agency required a fitness assistant for an iPhone environment as a test case for a new client. The requirements included the brainstorming process, user personae, information architecture for a client presentation with inVision prototype, and a wireframe for graphic designers. Role: User Experience Researcher/Designer

  • policy-now-page

    Invest in the Future

    The U.S. Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s new “Policy Now” research tool required content-focused project management to work between multiple skilled professionals and administrators in different cities to meet the test site’s launch date. Role: Project Manager/Optimization Strategist Project: Project Scheduling, Stakeholder Relations, Content Development, A/B Testing, SEO Strategy URL: cbcfinc.org/policy-now/

  • Visualization of U.S. presidential campaign website donation buttons, June 2016

    UX/IA: Election 2016

    This research and communications project compares and contrasts the information and messaging offered by major U.S. election campaigns in 2016. Role: Project Manager Project: Research information architecture and sample user experience of U.S. presidential campaign digital assets. URL: michaelmastroianni.com/wp/tag/2016-election

  • Feed the Good

    Feed the Good

    Feed the Good is a social responsibility initiative to engage consumers of Nestle products. Feed the Good combines existing Nestle digital assets and new research on humanitarian efforts to allow connected participants to learn more about “feeding the good” globally and locally. Role: Consultant Project: Create and organize digital assets and propose assembled work in a pitch to management Status: In development

  • Big Data Big Story

    Big Data Big Story

    Big Data Big Story is a social ethnography database using equations designed by Michael Mastroianni and sponsored by the Center for Urban Research of the City University of New York. This project combines census data with locally collected data to create an interactive image of various inequities in the City of New York. Role: Project Director Project: Create a database of various data sources and accompanying infographics  URL: bigdatabigstory.com

  • Simon451 Home Page


    Simon451 is a new imprint of Simon & Schuster Publishing, named for Ray Bradbury’s classic Fahrenheit 451. Simon451 showcases new science fiction in print and e-reader form, also offering blogs and a forum for writers and readers. Role: Project Manager Project: Build a Web site and social media feed to complement the imprint URL: simon451.com

  • Cholera Patients in St. Louis-du-Nord, Haiti - 2010

    Operation Siperye

    Haiti is a well-documented humanitarian nightmare, in which the best intentions and resources of foreign powers have been lost many times over. After a response that created an effective locally-made treatment for cholera during the 2010 epidemic, U.S. and Canadian medical professionals arrived in Port-au-Prince on the first anniversary of the disastrous earthquake to create a community-based emergency medical system, which the city lacks entirely. Months of research and labor…

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  • Manhattan Skyline in New York, NY - 2012

    Superstorm Relief

    Superstorm Sandy dealt an unprecedented blow to the City of New York and its surroundings in October 2012, with dozens were killed and thousands left homeless. The relief effort was also unique as government agencies, nongovernmental organizations, ad-hoc committees, and ordinary citizens pitched in where they could to mitigate the disaster. The effort included the steadfast shelter operations of the city’s emergency management agency, the tireless labor of volunteers in…

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  • Rebels in Zawiya, Libya - 2011

    Project Skywalker

    Project Skywalker, sponsored by NATO and OCSE, provided vital emergency medical education to a group of Libyan activists selected by the nation’s Transitional National Council. Teaching in the sprawling displaced persons camp across the border with Tunisia and within the last rebel offensives towards Tripoli, the international instructor team worked alongside their students to provide medical care to fighters and refugees alike. Logistics became the greatest challenge, inspiring the team…

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