The spirit of good development through good communication was founded in 2004 when a group of Pennsylvanian medics and carpenters flew to the Caribbean island of Grenada to assist recovery efforts after Hurricane Ivan. They carried minimal gear, relying on storm debris and local donations to build a camp and begin rebuilding homes, helping to plan better for the next challenge. When the Grenadian government asked for the volunteers’ organization name for their records, “Commonwealth Operations” was created.

For 10 years, the members of Commonwealth Operations worked in more than 20 countries on sustainable development goals: communities revitalizing themselves under their own power, with their own resources. In 2014, Michael Mastroianni consolidated the agency in Philadelphia to offer consulting and communication services around the world as well as to U.S. businesses and organizations with social, economic, and environmental goals that align with the original mission of Commonwealth Operations. Our associates live today on five continents, learning and working with people and places that will secure the future of our world through innovation and collaboration.


Michael Mastroianni currently teaches development project management and advises on content strategy, product development, grants and operations for companies, government agencies and educational institutions. Michael is from Philadelphia and writes locally on Where in Philly. He also tackles big data challenges on Big Data Big Story.


michael.s.mastroianni at gmail dot com



Affiliated professionals include:


Charlie Murphey IV performs market research and writes strategy-driven copy for communication projects ranging from small business strategy to international NGOs. Charlie is a successful solo and band musician in Nashville while currently residing in the Sacred Valley of Peru.


murphey37 at gmail dot com


Nadira Hosseini consults on medium- to large-scale development projects, such as community expansion/evacuation, gender equality programming, long-term psychological/educational infrastructure, and post-conflict demobilization. Nadira is based in Kuwait and writes regularly on Middle Eastern affairs in Muftah and other online publications.


hosseinimsma at gmail dot com


Ryan DiGuglielmo is a project management consultant in the development and communication fields. Ryan has several years’ experience in stakeholder & team engagement, monitoring projects throughout the life cycle, and reviewing deliverables against scope and budget.


ryandiguglielmo at gmail dot com